iWorks is a vertically integrated,
custom lighting fabricator, specializing in fixtures and architectural appointments. Founded in 1990, by Eric Dortch, iWorks integrates the classic components of the foundry tradition with the innovation and possibility of 21st century Californian imagination.


We are creative

Today, the iWorks staff continue to work
in the same Los Angeles factory, where it all began. Our technology has grown to include CNC routers, acrylic forming booths, 3D printing, and a state-of-the-art powder coating machine, while the factory continues to further the tradition and craft of
casting, welding,milling,
and hand-finishing.


Our skilled artisans and technicians (master welders, blacksmiths, and finishers) collaborate onsite to ensure each step of the process maintains a high quality and personal touch.


We are proud of the reputation we’ve built for quality and dependability in the hospitality industry.  We encourage your dreams, so we can build them.


Our team of experienced, open minded, and curious spirits are iWork’s core.

To provide a VISION for movement through
architectural spaces.


To  nurture the emotional impact of
light and shadow.


To enable creativity
and problem solving
in our craft.


To innovate