“iWorks has proven themselves over and over again to be dependable.  No matter what we design, if they say they can build it, they can build it!  Eric, Matthew, and the entire iWorks team are completely dedicated to making our projects a success.  We know if any challenge arises, they will stay with us until everyone is satisfied.  I feel good knowing they are working on a project.”


– Miriam Torres | Parker Torres Design, Boston, MA

“We have worked with iWorks for over two decades.  Custom lighting fabrication requires a leap of faith with someone you can trust.  We trust iWorks.  Large scale projects require focused attention on all the small items, and I know iWorks pays attention to the intricate details.  They get it right.”


– Laura Kinkose | Executive Vice President, Carroll Adams Group


“I have worked with iWorks on numerous high profile projects. They always turn out beautifully. We have an open dialogue about design, manufacturing processes, and what is realistic for the project. They provide detailed shop drawings, wonderful finishes, and fully realized mock-ups. This transparent nature makes me feel that they understand my design intent. I like that feeling.”


– Margaret McMahon | VP/ Managing Director, Wimberly Interiors (a design studio of WATG)

“The depth mirrors the narrow space, communicating movement that encourages guests to move through the space as if being pulled through by the tornado’s energy. What started as a scribble on my napkin turned into a stunning sculpture incorporating metal spirals of varying thickness and metal tones surrounded by a complex LED lighting system. As a custom lighting manufacturer, iWorks was able to both realize my design vision and then install what was a very complicated fixture—all within budget. I am very pleased with the result, and I look forward to further developing a partnership with iWorks as Puccini Group Partner and Managing Director.”


– Amy Jakubowski | Principal, AEJ Collective