“Trust is everything. I have worked with iWorks on numerous high profile projects. They always turn out beautifully. We have an open dialogue about design, manufacturing processes, and what is realistic for the project. They provide detailed shop drawings, wonderful finishes, and fully realized mock-ups. This transparent nature makes me feel that they understand my design intent. I like that feeling.”
Margaret McMahon | VP/ Managing Director, Wimberly Interiors (a design studio of WATG)


“I recently worked with iWorks on the first Ritz Carlton Reserve in the Americas, Dorado Beach, in Puerto Rico and could not have had a better experience! We presented them with the challenge of taking our hand drawn sketches of ancient Puerto Rican taino patterns and turning them into light fixtures. They worked tirelessly with us on developing the perfect shape and material for the shades with the exact pattern we envisioned meticulously cut out of the metal. These custom sconces, as well as many other iWorks light fixtures, are seen in numerous corridors throughout the property and flank every guestroom front door. Eric, Matthew, Michelle, and Stacy as well as everyone else at iWorks are a pleasure to work with and my go to company when I need light fixtures. They produce remarkable designs and are able to stay within budget whilst maintaining the quality of the fixture, which is hard to do these days. I will most certainly continue to work with them on our future projects!”
Liz Dauwe | Senior Designer, Wilson Associates

Revere Hotel, Boston, 2012

“I recently completed a project with iWorks, involving the creation and installation of a dramatic metal sculpture made to look like a whirling tornado. Located within Boston’s theater district, Boston Revere Hotel houses the Emerald Lounge, termed, “the Wicked Jewel of the City,” by the hotel’s owner. The name conjures up for me scenes from The Wizard of OZ, which led me to the idea of incorporating a bit of whimsy into the long, narrow space of the lounge, by way of a sculptural tornado. The tornado’s depth mirrors the narrow space, communicating movement that encourages guests to move through the space as if being pulled through by the tornado’s energy. What started as a scribble on my napkin turned into a stunning sculpture incorporating metal spirals of varying thickness and metal tones surrounded by a complex LED lighting system. As a custom lighting manufacturer, iWorks was able to both realize my design vision and then install what was a very complicated fixture—all within budget. I am very pleased with the result, and I look forward to further developing a partnership with iWorks as Puccini Group Partner and Managing Director.”
–    Amy Jakubowski | Managing Director + Partner, Puccini Group


“We value our relationship with iWorks which is built on a mutual respect for creating the best fixture within the budget and a level of correspondence and dialogue that is honest and transparent. Finding a company that has the interests of the client and the designer ahead of meeting the minimum requirements of the PO and no further is rare.”
–    Andrea Waldrop | Principle, waldrop + nichols studio llc


“iWORKS is my go-to custom lighting manufacturer. James and I work with the people upon whom we can rely. From concept to completion, the iWORKS team will walk through the entire process with the Flick/Mars team. The fixtures they build for us are exquisite. Furthermore, should something need to be addressed after install, which is often times due to something completely out of the manufacturer’s hands, I know they will be there with me to solve the issue. I cannot tell you what a comfort level this brings. We love working with Michele, Matthew, and everyone else at iWORKS. We will continue to do so.”
–    Matt Mars | Partner, Flick Mars