Project: Hyatt Maui Lobby

Location: Maui, HI

Designer:  Creative Resource Associates

Purchaser: Benjamin West

The Request:  The client requested a dramatic, large-scale installation based upon starry Hawaiian nights and local island flora. Giant starburst pendants and bamboo inspired screens were the developed concept for this quasi open-air lobby.

Design Challenges:  iWorks determined that the success of the project was dependent upon addressing the challenges of Hawaii’s unique location and extreme climate possibilities. In doing so, we chose anti-corrosive materials which withstand the salt-air environment, made structural considerations that allow for anticipated high-wind loads, and formed a specific team to address the logistical issues relating to coordinating this complex installation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. These unique obstacles were addressed in conjunction with the project’s overall design requirements.

The Solutions:  iWorks utilized a water jet to cut aluminum sheets for the large-scale screens. This rustproof material was installed in the gage required to ensure adequate structural integrity. Each 23’-0”H x 6’-0”w panel is designed to withstand hurricane-force wind loads. The custom acrylic core inset into each screen was sectioned in a manner to allow the seams to be hidden behind the decorative metalwork.

iWorks created a custom resin mold for the starburst sunrays on each pendant. The 60” sunrays were cast in resin, rather than glass, due to weight and safety concerns. Both the center globe and the sunrays were protectively sealed against salt-air and the elements. Due to the potential for high-winds, the sunrays may be disassembled and stored for safety, in such an event.

iWorks packaged the pendants and screens in numbered shipping crates. Once on the property, the crates were unpacked in their specific numbered order, which helped to ensure a smooth installation. iWorks engaged in extensive communication with the property regarding the logistics of the installation, prior to the arrival of the fixtures. Once on the site, iWorks’ technical team assisted local contractors during the 12-day installation process.

You Have to Know: The sunrays are hollow in design, allowing light to wash through them, enhancing the fixture and making it appear to glow from within.